One of William Z. Spiegelman's three children, Judith M. Spiegelman was born and raised, and is still living in, New York City. Like her father, she is a writer. Among other works, she wrote a total of six books for UNICEF between 1969 and 1971. They focused on the lives of children in Turkey, Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), Thailand, Bali and Afghanistan.

This blog will serve as an appreciation of and archive for her UNICEF books. So far, two of them have been scanned and uploaded: Shaer of Afghanistan, and Dayapal of Ceylon. We are currently working on Ali of Turkey.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Shaer of Afghanistan

Respectively ten and seven years old in 1969, Billy and David Brown are Judith M. Spiegelman's nephews. Today, Billy is (among other things) the creator of this very blog! He hopes that, through it, he will one day be contacted by Shaer Aqaw or his family, thus completing the cycle of the generations.

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